Does grass grow in the winter?

One of the questions I am asked frequently is why we fertilize lawns in the late fall.  The grass is going dormant so why give it food.  The picture below may help to answer that question.  We recently had a utility service do work in our front yard and sod was needed after the work [...]

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When should I stop mowing my grass?

I am asked frequently this time of year how long will we be mowing grass. It is November and typically we don't think of mowing at this time of year. The image below is of a lawn we mowed today November the 9th. The question when to stop mowing can be answered by the same [...]

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Soil testing in Shawnee Kansas

Soil testing is the first step to any well maintained lawn. The good news about soil testing in Shawnee, Kansas is that the ground is usually very rich in nutrients.

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When is the best time to seed my lawn

Ever wondered, “when is the best time to seed my lawn?” Well, you’re in the right place. When considering lawn reseeding, fall is king, however many people miss this narrow window or are not able to comply with the rigid constraints of watering a newly seeded lawn.

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Winter Mower Maintenance

This time of the year you are probably not thinking of your lawn mower, but winter mower maintenance can save you both aggravation and money.

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