When considering your lawn care program keep in mind that turf grass growth requires 17 macro and micro nutrients.  Macro and micro nutrients are not distinguished by their importance to the plant, but by the ratio which is required by the plant.  Lawns use more nitrogen, (a macro nutrient)  than is available in the soil, so nitrogen must be replenished on a regular basis. Because of this high nitrogen requirement, lawn care programs are built around this major nutrient.

However, care must be used when and how often nitrogen is applied to the lawn. Excessive or untimely applications can lead to a shallow-rooted turfgrass that is more susceptible to diseases and has poor tolerance to environmental stresses like cold, heat and drought.  A turf that is deficient in nitrogen can have a pale green appearance and will not possess adequate density. The other macro nutrients include potash and phosphorus. These two are needed in smaller quantities and at different times in the turfgrass life cycle.

Micro nutrients which are just as important to plant health, are generally not added to the turf unless a specific need is identified.  If you live in the Johnson county communities of Shawnee, Lenexa and Overland Park you have probably experienced the fact that our soil is very clay due to the limestone shelf below the surface.  A properly designed lawn care program will address this issue and move you toward a beautiful turf.

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Fall is the most important time of the year to fertilize your lawn.

Call us now for your fall application.

Application Timing Benefits
Early Spring Promotes early Spring green up with a slow release fertilizer, and provides a pre-emergent weed barrier of grassy weeds.
Spring Broadleaf weed control.
Early Summer Slow release nitrogen to prepare for Summer stress, and Crabgrass control.
Summer Grub control and spot treatment for Nut sedge.
Early Fall Turf rebuilder to help with speedy recovery from Summer stress.
Late Fall Provides nutrients with fertilizer reat that promotes deep root growth and food storage for the winter months.

In addition to the standard program other services are available on an as needed basis to address the individual needs of your lawn.