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We are experts in growing all types of turfs and grasses in Kansas City area.


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Annual 7-Step Lawn Care Program

(applications also available a la carte, all services are pet friendly)

1. Early Spring Fertilizer

Promotes early Spring green up with a slow-release fertilizer and provides a pre-emergent weed barrier of grassy weeds.

2. Spring Broadleaf Weed Control

A broadleaf treatment application applied at just the right time for your lawn will help to control these weeds for entire season.

3. Early Summer Nitrogen & Crabgrass

We'll apply a slow-release nitrogen applcation to prepare for Summer heat stress, and Crabgrass control.

4. Summer Grub Control

Every Kansas City lawn needs a grub control application in mid summer.

5. Summer Nut Sedge Spot Treatment

In this step we spot treat your lawn for Nut Sedge Weeds and other warm season weeds with broadleaf weeds.

6. Fall Fertilzer

Provides nutrients with fertilizer that promotes deep root growth and food storage for the winter months.

7. Winterizer

Slow-release nitrogen will feed roots all winter long providing an earlier green up of lawn and greater turf density and health.

Kansas Turfmasters

Kansas City's Leading Lawn Care Experts

At Kansas Turfmasters, we believe that having a beautiful home starts with a beautiful lawn. Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve this by providing the safe, effective lawn treatments and services you need. We don’t use the harsh, unsafe chemicals like other companies – you can feel confident everything used is safe for you and your pets.

Our team provides much more than just lawn maintenance. Our services range from preventative options, to real solutions that provide measurable results. Not only do our services ensure your lawn remains healthy and beautiful, we also take the time to customize them to your specific needs. We don’t have cookie-cutter solutions – your lawn is unique, and so are the services we provide. Our goal isn’t to sell you on services you don’t really need. With us, you can feel confident your lawn is getting the “royal” treatment.

In addition to customizing our services to meet the needs of your lawn, we offer our clients a seven-step treatment process that provides the services needed to prevent issues before they occur. These steps include:

1. Pre-emergent weed barrier
2. Broad leaf weed control
3. Crab grass control
4. Grub control
5. Summer weed treatment
6. Fall Fertilization
7. Winter Fertilization

With these services, you can feel confident your yard will remain healthy and beautiful throughout the year.

With years of experience, and a full understanding of the science behind the products we use, our team at Kansas Turfmasters can provide the results you need for a price you can afford.

Are you ready to learn more about our services, or discuss the needs of your lawn with our professionals? If so, contact us today. We are standing by to provide you with the lawn care solutions you have been searching for.

Reviews & Testimonials

From Kansas City Homeowners Just Like You

This is my first time using a lawn service provider. I'm into my second season with them, and I have to say I couldn't be more pleased. Yes, they do a phenomenal job. My yard is one of the best-looking on the street, and all I do is make sure the landscaping is kept up. The service is what I appreciate most. David is fantastic - a true business owner who cares about his reputation. I hope to have many more years with this company!

Jude S.

I would highly recommend Kansas Turf Masters! They took on my yard mid-season and did a great job all year. My lawn looks great and was always mowed when promised. Prices are very reasonable. They also did a great job on other lawn jobs including tree and bush pruning. I will be using them again this year.

Julie Y.

We were using one of the other well known lawn companies in KC, but after a few years they started (automatically) adding unwanted services to our yearly quote. We wanted to find someone who would give us the lawn services we needed without the up sell. We thought we'd try Kansas Turfmasters for a year to see how we liked them. It's now 3 years later and we're still very happy and for about half the cost. David, the owner, is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. We're glad we found them!

Jim M.

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