Do you want a beautiful, healthy lawn you can be proud of, free from weeds, pests and other issues? Achieving this begins with soil that is healthy and balanced. Once you achieve that, Mother Nature will work with you – rather than against you when it comes to maintaining your great looking lawn!

Not only is that great news for your yard, but also your wallet!

At Kansas Turfmasters, our goal is to provide you with fertilization solutions that meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We have found that if all you do is spray for weeds, it’s going to begin a vicious cycle. Chemicals enter your soil, killing microbes and (in some cases) sterilizing it.

Unfortunately, this is what many traditional lawn care companies want – after all, it’s a way to ensure they have to keep coming back. It’s not how we work here at Kansas Turfmasters.

Not only are the chemicals we use for weeds safe, they work without causing harm to the soil. Combine this with our superior fertilization products and methods, and you have a winning combination that helps ensure your lawn is healthy and stays that way.

Fertilization Solutions that Exceed Expectations

Nitrogen is an essential element that every lawn needs, every year. Regardless of how healthy you may think your grass and turf is, without the proper amount of nitrogen, it isn’t going to stay that way long.

Each year, we will apply four to five points of nitrogen to your lawn to help keep it healthy; however, unlike other lawn care companies, this isn’t done all at the same time. Also, we minimize fertilization in the spring. If this is done, your grass is going to grow extremely fast, which is going to require virtually constant mowing.

At Kansas Turfmasters, we have found a better option is to apply the fertilizer in the fall months, and early winter. We actually provide this service through mid-November. By doing this, we help support the growth of your grass’s roots during the colder months of the year.

Science has shown, while the grass tissue isn’t growing during the winter, the roots still are. In fact, your grass roots continue to grow as long as the temperature outside is above freezing (once it drops below this the roots go dormant). When fertilizer is put down at this time, it will ensure in the spring, when the grass becomes active once again, it will green up faster, grow stronger and you have better protection from weeds.

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