Pests – they tend to strike at the most inconvenient times, running cookouts and killing your lawn. In most cases, regardless of the type of pest you have, getting rid of it with lawn pest control services is your top priority.

Some of the pest problems we can help with include:

  • Mosquitos
  • Ticks
  • Fleas
  • Ants
  • Grubs

And, many more.

Our pest solutions are safe, effective and designed to help eradicate these annoying critters. Learn more about the services and solutions we offer by reading the information here.

The Problem with Pests in Your Landscape

Mites, mosquitos, fleas, ticks and chiggers all carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans. As a result, they are a top concern when it comes to pest control solutions. We offer treatments that ensure these pests are eliminated, and that they don’t come back. What’s even better, the treatments we use are safe, ensuring they don’t cause harm to your landscape, pets or family.

Kansas City Grub Control

In the Kansas City area, we have found that grubs are a serious problem for some people. While not everyone struggles with grubs, if they are present, they can cause quite a few problems for any landscape.

In the past few years, the presence of Japanese beetles has been significant. These beetles feed on grass roots, lay eggs and then die. When the larvae hatch, they begin feeding on grass roots, too, causing significant problems. A problem for many lawns is that homeowners don’t realize they have a grub problem until their grass begins to die. We are here to help. We can evaluate your yard and provide preventative treatments to ensure that grubs don’t “take over.” This can prevent hundreds or even thousands of dollars in landscape damage.

Solutions for Fleas and Ticks

If you have pets, you know the likelihood of them getting ticks or fleas and then bringing them inside is high. However, with our help, you don’t have to worry. Kansas Turfmasters has an effective solution for this problem, too.

We can provide a treatment for your entire lawn to get rid of fleas and ticks. In fact, our treatment also works on chiggers.

In addition to protecting your pets, you can call us for a treatment before an outside event, to ensure your guests aren’t affected by these unwelcome party-crashers.

Pests Be-Gone with Our Effective Solutions

At Kansas Turfmasters, we have worked for years to find the most effective pest solutions for any issue you may have. If you are tired of your lawn, friends and pets being affected by these pests, then contact us today.

Our solutions are safe, effective and will provide the solutions you want and need. If you want to get started, contact us for a free estimate. You can contact us by phone, or let us know what you need with our online form.