Annual 7-Step Lawn Care Program

(applications also available a la carte)

1. Early Spring Fertilizer

Promotes early Spring green up with a slow release fertilizer and provides a pre-emergent weed barrier of grassy weeds.

2. Spring Broadleaf Weed Control

A broadleaf treatment application applied at just the right time for your lawn will help to control these weeds for entire seasn.

3. Early Summer Nitrogen & Crabgrass

We'll apply a slow release nitrogen applcation to prepare for Summer heat stress, and Crabgrass control.

4. Summer Grub Control

Every Kansas City lawn needs a grub control application in mid summer.

5. Summer Nut Sedge Spot Treatment

In this step we spot treat your lawn for Nut Sedge Weeds

7. Late Fall Fertilzer

Provides nutrients with fertilizer reat that promotes deep root growth and food storage for the winter months.