Mowing is the most basic and time consuming cultural practices we perform on our lawns, and yields the highest returns of both turf health and appearances when performed correctly.  A finely groomed lawn provides an ideal backdrop to show off landscape and the beauty of your property.  We offer both Commercial and Residential lawn maintenance.

Included in every mow

Multidirectional mowing patterns
Blade edging of walkways and driveways
String trimming around lawn obstacles
Blowing off leaf litter on hard surfaces upon completion of work
Blades sharpened daily

All service is based on a Seven day cycle and is routed environmentally responsible.

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Core Aeration

Heavy or repeated traffic, especially when soil is damp, will over time result in compacted soil.  Compaction usually occurs in the top 2-3” of the soil.

Results of compacted soil

  • Reduced pore space.
  • Reduced oxygen in soil.
  • Reduced root growth and development.
  • Reduced water absorption.

Benefits of Core Aeration

  • Loosened soil improving root growth.
  • Greater pore space increasing oxygen levels in the soil.
  • Improved water absorption.
  • Increased microbial activity which reduces thatch in thatch prone species.

Lawn Cleanup

Seasonal lawn clean up services are available to assist you with maintaining a year long groomed appearance.

Fall clean up service

  • Blow leaves from landscaping
  • Mulch or collect leaf debris

Spring clean up

  • Blow leaves from landscaping
  • Mulch or collect leaf debris
  • Cutting back of ornamental grasses
  • Picking up limbs and sticks
  • Mowing grass down to 2”


Turfgrass is very durable and sustainable.  Periodically it does require enhancing through reseeding.  Climate, disease and insect pressure will all play a role in how often reseeding needs to be performed.  All seeding is followed by the use of a Verti-cut machine which provides a seed bed and promotes excellent seed to soil contact, a key factor in successful germination.

Contact us to discuss which method is best for you.

Three methods of reseeding

  • Over seeding: Adding to the existing healthy but thin turf, with the objective of making the turf thicker and heartier.
  • Renovation: Completely starting over in an undesirable or extremely weak turf by killing the existing turf and reseeding new.
  • Dormant seeding: a process similar to over seeding conducted after the lawn goes dormant in the winter.

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