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Tips for Getting Rid of Grubs

Few things are as satisfying as looking at your perfect, pristine emerald green lawn unless of course your lawn is riddled with grubs. Here’s what you need to know about getting rid of grubs and reclaiming your lawn.

What Grubs do to Your Lawn

These wormlike troublemakers literally eat your lawn. White grubs will eat the roots underneath your grass, effectively destroying it. Other varieties like Billbug grubs don’t just eat the roots, they eat blades of grass as well, which hurts your lawn even further.

Grappling with Grubs

To rid your lawn of grubs, you’ll have to go on the offensive by using pesticides. You can use either liquid or granular pesticides, or both which can be a lot of work.

Some pesticides are deceptive and don’t work on grubs even when advertised as such. Getting rid of grubs can be tricky, which is why most people opt to have these pests taken care of  by a professional service that knows exactly what pesticide to use.

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Take on Grubs By Yourself

Grubs are stubborn creatures and they can be hard to get rid of permanently. That’s why you shouldn’t take on this fight alone. Savvy homeowners enlist the help of a professional outfit to keep these pests at bay and take care of their lawn.

You work hard, why should you have to spend your free hours of the day ridding your lawn of grubs?

Got Grubs? Call Kansas Turfmasters

Save yourself the time and energy that goes into eradicating nasty grubs. It’s a lot of work, and you deserve more time to relax.

Too many people lose all of their free time slaving away killing grubs with no time left over to actually enjoy their lawns. Kansas Turfmasters has the expertise and the manpower to send these pests packing.

Connect with Kansas Turfmasters and take back your lawn!