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How Do I Keep My Grass Green in the Summer?

Summer is here, and it’s time to start enjoying your lawn.

Picnics in the back yard, lemonade on the patio, or grilling on your custom cedar deck, summer is arguably the best time of the year for getting out and enjoying your yard.

There’s just one problem.

What if your lawn is yellow, wilting, patchy, and discolored? If that’s what your lawn looks like then you have your work cut out for you. Here’s what you need to know to keep your grass emerald green all summer long and why you shouldn’t do any of the tedious work that goes into cultivating a perfect lawn by yourself!

Choosing the Right Type of Grass

You might be running into problems with your lawn because you don’t have the right type of grass. There are many different varieties of grass and not all of them will do well in any given location. Maybe you just moved in and the previous owner wasn’t very progressive, leaving you with an unhealthy and discolored lawn.

Replacing your grass and supplanting it with a different variety is hard work. Clearing your yard of the old grass is an arduous process. Planting new grass seed and nurturing it into good health isn’t any easier. If you’d like to actually enjoy your free time instead of dedicating all of it to nurturing a few hundred thousand blades of grass then make the smart choice and farm it out, literally. Lawn care services like Kansas Turfmasters have the know-how to cultivate and maintain the lawn of your dreams.

Don’t Get Low When You Mow

One of the biggest and most common mistakes that people make when mowing their lawns is to set the blade too low. Not everyone enjoys mowing their lawn frequently and getting grass stains on everything, which is why so many folks cut their lawn too aggressively, leaving the blades of grass too short. A lawn that’s been scalped in the summer won’t hold in moisture which will result in unsightly burnt patches making your lawn look dry and unhealthy.

Having a healthy green lawn takes work, luckily, that work isn’t something that you absolutely have to do by yourself. Let the lawn pros at Kansas Turfmasters do it for you, leaving you with more time to enjoy your yard with your family.

Water in Moderation

Watering your lawn is a key factor in encouraging healthy green grass, but many people end up saturating it by overwatering. Excessive watering isn’t just wasteful and environmentally unsound, it’s also bad for your lawn. Figuring out the exact ratio can be tricky which is another reason why you should consult with lawn care experts like Kansas Turfmasters.

Want a Perfect Green Lawn Without doing Any of the Work? Call Kansas Turfmasters, it’s What We Do!

No one should have to waste all of their time perfecting their own lawn. There’d be no time left to actually use it and have any fun. Kansas Turfmasters is a lawn care company that you can trust. We understand the importance of having beautiful emerald green grass this summer and we can provide you with one at a competitive price. What’s worth more? Start enjoying a perfect lawn by calling Kansas Turfmasters.

Connect with Kansas Turfmasters today and make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood!