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How to Keep Crabgrass from Returning

So you killed off all of the crabgrass that’s been driving you nuts. You put in the work and exterminated it, but there’s just one problem, it’s back! When crabgrass comes back, it comes back with a vengeance. There’s nothing more discouraging than investing hours of work into ridding your lawn of crabgrass only to find that it all came back again. Here are some tips on how to go beyond killing crabgrass and terminate it for good. You’ll also learn why it’s preferable to call in backup and enlist the services of a professional lawn care company instead of doing all of the work on your own.

Kill the Seeds

The first thing you need to focus on in a war against crabgrass is preventative extermination which means you need to kill the seeds. Killing the seeds helps stop it from spreading as you kill off future generations of it. You should know, killing off crabgrass seeds is a lot of work. You’ll have a lot of ground to cover and working with heavy-grade pesticides is not fun.

That’s why so many homeowners choose to have a professional lawn care service eliminate their crabgrass for them. Some folks hesitate because they’re unsure if it’s worth the expense. They quickly discover that the time they make up in lost hours by not terminating crabgrass by themselves is worth much more than the nominal cost of having it done for them.

Solarize the Soil

Solarizing your soil is a trick that you can use to eliminate it more effectively. Take a large plastic sheet and place it on the sunniest part of your lawn. Keep it held in place by digging a trench along the edges and piling soil on top of the edges of the sheet to weigh it down. The hot sun will do the rest, effectively baking the crabgrass seeds underneath the surface of your lawn and killing them all.

While effective, doing this yourself is a lot of hard work and it takes up a lot of time. The process of digging a trench all the way around a giant sheet of plastic is a big job and it’s one that you’ll have to keep repeating as you move the sheet to each section of your lawn until it has achieved full coverage.

Contact Kansas Turfmasters

Your lawn is a special space, and crabgrass has no place in it. As you’ve discovered, permanently exterminating crabgrass is a tedious and time-consuming process. Save yourself the trouble and call in the cavalry. Kansas Turfmasters is the preferred choice for countless homeowners.

Take a load off and contact Kansas Turfmasters, we’ll take care of crabgrass for you.