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The Benefits of Core Aeration for Your Lawn

You should think of your lawn like you do your car – as the seasons pass, there are several upkeep requirements you need to keep in mind. For your car, you’re going to get an oil change and rotate your tires. For your yard, cooler temperatures mean it is time to invest in core aeration.

During the summer you, your children, and pets likely spent a lot of time running around and enjoying the yard. While this was fun, the heavy foot traffic can result in soil compaction.

One of the best ways for you to remove the heavy thatch, help issues related to soil compaction, and keep your lawn healthy is to invest in fall core aeration. If you aren’t yet convinced this is necessary, check out the benefits offered here.

Improves the Health of the Turf

One of the main benefits offered by lawn aeration is that it will help to improve the health of your grass. With core aeration, you are giving the root zone of your grass more access to fertilizer, water, and air. This increased access to nutrients, water, and air will improve the overall health of your turf and result in more extensive and deeper turfgrass roots.

Reduce the Build-Up of Thatch

If the thatch, which is the dead layer of grass that can accumulate on your lawn, begins to build up in a thicker layer, it may actually rob your grass of the needed nutrients and rain. With core aeration, you can manage this build-up and introduce microorganisms that will decompose the thatch.

Relieve Soil Compaction

If the soil in your yard is compacted, it can prevent the fertilizer, water, and air from reaching the root system. This can cause thinning, patches, or dead spots. If you remove the cores during the aeration process, the density of the soil is reduced, which releases this compaction issue.

pH Modification Benefits

By applying sulfur or lime after the core aeration process, it will help change the pH deeper into the profile of the soil. This allows the nutrients to penetrate much deeper into the root zone and be used by the turf.

The Benefits of Overseeding

It’s extremely helpful to core aerate both before and after seeding into a current lawn. With soil cultivation, you can enhance the seed-topsoil contact that is needed for germination, and it creates a protected and moist environment that is ideal for the growth and development of grass seedlings.

Reduced Water Puddling and Runoff

Are there puddling or runoff problems in your yard after it rains? If so, aeration may be the fix for this problem too.

If you aren’t sure if you can handle the aeration on your own or don’t have the time or ability to do it, hire Kansas Turfmasters. We can ensure your yard gets all the benefits of aeration that are mentioned here, and more.