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6 Helpful Tips for Winter Lawn Care

The time has arrived once again – you must deal with snow and ice coated driveways and walkways. For most, winter is a time when they forget about – or completely neglect – their lawn. This is especially true since the lawn is typically covered in frost or snow, and the temperatures are much colder. What you should know is that now is not the time to just sit back and forget all about your lawn. You can save yourself quite a bit of trouble in the spring by taking a few additional steps. Keep reading for winter lawn care tips to ensure your lawn remains healthy during the colder months.

1. Mark Your Lawn

With all the snow and ice, it’s easy to lose track of where your grass starts along your sidewalks and driveways. To avoid this, you can add markers to the edge of your lawn, which is going to let you see where you should be shoveling or running your snow blower, so you avoid harming your lawn. Also, when you add reflective markers along the street line of your home’s property, you can steer plows away from your lawn.

2. Avoid Putting Any Plants Near the Road

When you put your plants away from the edge of the street, you can avoid serious damage to your plants caused by the snowplows as they move the snow and ice off the roads. Keep the plants near your house to avoid this.

3. Avoid Using Salt

Rather than throwing down salt to melt the ice on your sidewalks and driveway, consider using magnesium chloride or sand. This can help you avoid the possibility of hurting your plants or lawn. Even if you only use salt in extreme conditions, you may still harm the concrete because of the thaw and freeze cycle.

4. Enjoy the Snow

The snow serves as a great insulator for your grass and plant’s roots and will protect your lawn. Also, the snow offers advantages to your landscape by providing water to the lawn throughout the winter as the snow thaws.

5. Avoid Walking on Your Lawn

It’s best to stay off of your lawn after some snow has fallen. When the snow is packed down as you walk on it, it is going to become much more difficult for the snow to fully thaw in the spring.

6. Avoid Piling the Snow on Your Plants

If you want to ensure your plants thrive this season, don’t place the snow from your sidewalks and driveways on them. If you do, it may cause the plants to suffocate and die.

If you need more tips and advice regarding how to take care of your lawn this winter, you should work with the professionals. Landscape service professionals can help ensure your lawn makes it through the winter months unscathed and ready to grow and thrive in the spring or summer months.  Work with Kansas Turfmasters to achieve the desired results!