How to Keep Your Lawn Healthy Until Spring

How to Keep Your Kansas City Lawn Healthy Until Spring

When the colder temperatures begin to move out of the area, it will be time for you to put away your snow shovels and begin thinking about various outdoor spring projects like your lawn. The cold of winter can cause your trees, shrubs, and grass to become hungry and weak, especially after they have spent months dormant under a blanket of snow and ice. If you want to keep your lawn healthy until spring, be sure to use the tips found here.

Clean Up

The first step to ensure your lawn is ready for spring is to clean up all the twigs, leaves, and other debris that may have fallen or gathered during the winter. While raking will take a lot of work, air blowers are an easier option. Debris may become lodged in your lawnmower, and they will block fertilizers and the other materials from being absorbed properly.

Apply a Weed Killer, Pre-Emergent, and Fertilizer

Early in the spring months, it’s a good idea to use a combination of fertilizer which is going to feed your grass, along with a pre-emergent and an herbicide which will prevent crabgrass from sprouting.

Approximately six to eight weeks later, you need to apply both of these products again with a broadleaf weed killer. After all, you want to prevent crabgrass now, or you will have to fight it all summer long. Keep in mind, there are some landscape companies and lawn care products that offer a weed killer and pre-emergent in a single application which is going to reduce your time and costs.

Mow Early and Mow Often

A huge mistake that homeowners make is only mowing one time per week during the spring. If the grass gets too high and then it is cut, it will stunt the roots, which means they won’t be able to reproduce properly. Instead of this, mow every five days for the initial six weeks in spring (based on the weather to ensure a thicker or fuller lawn.)

Choose a Quality Mulch

After you have cared for your lawn, take the time to edge out the beds, trim back any dead branches on your shrubs, and replace the old mulch. A good option is hardwood bark mulch over ground wood chips that are dyed brown. Not only does it look better, but it is also going to last much longer.

Trim Your Trees

It’s often difficult to figure out if your tree has dead branches. If these branches aren’t addressed, they can fall and cause serious property damage or an injury. It’s a good idea to hire a professional Kansas City tree service that can handle this for you.

If you need help getting your lawn ready for spring, be sure to contact the professionals at Kansas Turfmasters. We can help ensure your lawn is healthy and that no serious issues arise with your lawn in the spring.