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Tips to Improve Your Lawn this Winter

Lawn care doesn’t make the list of top priorities for most people during cold winter months. However, if you want to make sure your lawn grows back lush and beautiful when spring arrives, there are several winter lawn care tips you should follow.

Get Ready for Winter Weather Early

If you prepare your lawn properly during the fall months, it will likely be in good shape when spring arrives.

Some fall tips that will help you prepare your lawn for winter include:

  • Mow, fertilize and aerate the lawn before the first freeze
  • Remove any dead leaves to prevent wet spots that may become moldy or mossy
  • Keep the lawn free of debris

Avoid Heavy Lawn Traffic

If your grass is short and brown, it may be easy for people to forget that it should not be walked on. You need to do everything you can to prevent excessive foot traffic on your lawn during this time of year. While grass is pretty resilient, it is going to have a hard time recovering if a path becomes well-worn.

Some tips that will help you keep people off the lawn include:

  • Keep ice and snow off the sidewalks so people aren’t tempted to cut across the lawn
  • Don’t let anyone park their vehicle on your lawn

Parking vehicles on your lawn – even small ones – will leave impressions in the soil and kill the grass that is under the tires. This is the fastest way to kill all your good grass and make room for weeds, including crabgrass.

Keep the Lawn Tidy

It is easy to leave items on your lawn during the winter months when no one is really spending time outside. Lawn furniture, toys, and stray logs can be overlooked before the first snow arrives.

The best thing you can do is ensure you have cleared the lawn of all these objects after it is mowed for the last time in the fall. Be sure to conduct an occasional cleanup and remove anything that has fallen or been left behind.

If a weighty object remains on your grass when it is cold out, and it snows, large dead areas may be caused by the object’s weight. This will result in grass in that area that will be thinner than the remainder of the yard in the spring.

If you need more tips and help to keep your lawn healthy during the winter months, be sure to call the professionals at Kansas Turfmasters. We can help ensure that your lawn is ready to grow back lush and beautiful in the spring.