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Tips to Get Your Kansas City Lawn Ready for Spring

Sometimes it only takes a little bit of warmth and sunshine to encourage you to get outdoors, emerging from your winter hibernation. However, as you venture into your yard you may begin to notice the spring-like weather has also perked up your plants and lawn. Not only will you notice new growth budding in your lawn, but the winter will have likely left its mark with bare patches, broken branches, and the need for some outside cleanup to get things looking nice again.

Don’t worry. With a little incentive along with a smart plan, your yard will be ready for the coming growing season and warmer weather. There’s another incentive. By taking the time to clean up your yard now, you can save yourself energy and time down the road.

Some things to help you get your lawn ready for spring can be found here.

Use a Rake to Get Started with Spring Lawn Prep

A simple rake is the first tool you need when getting your lawn ready for spring. With the rake, you can remove all the garden debris that has accumulated during the winter. Your may want to prune back your tree branches or even hire a Kansas City tree trimming service if you need to. Once all the debris are cleared away, you can give your lawn a little boost by adding a thin layer of aged compost – approximately a quarter of an inch thick should be sufficient.

Reseed the Bare Areas in Your Lawn

The first step is to loosen the surface of a depth of two to four inches and then level the soil with the back of your garden rake. After that, you can spread a mix of fertilizer, compost, and grass seed over the bare spot. Use the flat part of the rake to make sure the seed is firm in place. Then water as needed.

Check Your Equipment and Hand Tools

You should check your garden tools and equipment to see if any repair is needed. Take this time to get everything cleaned up too. By doing this, you will be able to see if any of the tools you use during spring need to be replaced. It’s also a good time to ensure your yard drainage system and irrigation system is working properly for the growing season.

Apply a Layer of Mulch

It’s a good idea to put a layer of mulch around your shrubs, trees, and plants, along with your emerging perennials and bulbs. This will help to moderate the soil temperatures, deter weeds, maintain soil moisture, and make your soil much more friable by increasing the presence of beneficial soil microorganisms. Also, it will make your garden look better.

Some of the best sources of mulch include leaves, shredded bark, or compost. Recycled rubber mulch will work properly around shrubs and trees, and the rubber will suppress the weeds much better than the more commonly used bark mulch.

If you need help getting your yard ready for spring, reach out to the professionals at Kansas Turfmasters. We can help create a plan and execute it to ensure your lawn is ready for warmer weather.