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What to Know About Winter Watering for Your Lawn

There is a simple way to figure out if a lawn needs to be watered during the winter months. If you are still mowing your grass and it continues to grow, then you should keep watering it.

Tips and Guidelines for Winter Watering

There are a few guidelines and tips you can use to know for sure if you should continue watering your lawn in winter.

These include:

  • If the temperature is consistently under 30 degrees, your lawn will stay in a dormant state. At this point, you should store your sprinkler equipment in a freeze-free area.
  • You need to keep mowing and watering your lawn when the winter weather is mild. Usually, the occasional snow or rain will be enough moisture to keep the grass and plants healthy, regardless of if it is a warm- or cool-season lawn, throughout the winter months.

Signs Your Lawn Needs to be Watered

One of the first things you can do to determine if your lawn needs water is to inspect it. Look at your footprints on the lawn. If they disappear, there’s no need to water it. If you are still able to see your footprints on the lawn after you have walked across it, chances are it needs water – the sooner, the better.

Tips for Saving on Water

Selecting the right type of water spray for this period is crucial. You need to save on water, but you also need to give your lawn the level of care it needs. At this point, it’s a good idea to reach out to a landscape company that can provide you with advice and guidance regarding the installation of an irrigation system for your yard. They can also help you choose the proper type of spray for this cold time of year. Remember, while saving water is important, you also need to ensure your lawn gets the care that it needs.

Make Sure You Don’t Overwater

If you are just attempting to replenish or repair a very small area of grass, then you don’t need the entire watering system on and running. The use of a stationary sprinkler should be able to handle this job. Usually, these systems will spray at a radius of up to 15 feet. It’s possible to reduce the reach of the water when you turn it down on the spigot.

When it comes to caring for your lawn this winter, you have to ensure it is still getting the water needed. While this can be tricky, the tips and information here can provide you with some help.

If you want a lush, green lawn when spring comes, get in touch with us today at Kansas Turfmasters to get your lawn ready for a great spring and summer!