What to Expect When Your Warm-Season Lawn is Dormant

With the cold weather here until March or April, many people retreat in their homes, only to emerge again when things start to warm up. However, if you don’t inspect your lawn occasionally when it’s dormant, you may wind up having issues getting it to come back to life in the spring.

How to Prevent Invasive Winter Weeds

Are you tired of having weeds pop up throughout your lawn during the winter? If you want to prevent winter weeds, you have to make sure your grass stays healthy. The first step to achieve this is by fertilizing your lawn and treating the weeds during the fall. However, there are some other methods you...

Caring for Your Lawn During Freezing Temperatures

It’s not uncommon for lawns in Kansas City to be mostly ignored in the winter. After all, things are dormant and don’t need much care, right? While this is partly true, it doesn’t mean the lawn should be completely ignored. Use the tips here to help ensure your lawn stays healthy – even during the...

Tips to Improve Your Lawn this Winter

Lawn care doesn’t make the list of top priorities for most people during cold winter months. However, if you want to make sure your lawn grows back lush and beautiful when spring arrives, there are several winter lawn care tips you should follow.